In marrying fashion pieces, mesmerising architecture and natural environment Marco Joe Fazio and his team seek to create enthralling, thought-provoking and, maybe most importantly, living photography for commercial, fine art and private purposes.
— Antoinette Saxer, Amnaia creative director (FRSA)

My Photography // a journey around humankind

I've always been enthralled by the intrinsic nature of humankind.

I believe humans are not the best animal species on Earth. On the opposite, we tend to be disrespectful towards mother nature, destroying the environment that gives us – and to all the living species – our vital lifeblood.

Nevertheless, my photographic eye unfailingly goes to observe – and yet admire – our conduct, as humans, and the way we interact with the world.

On commissioned jobs, with my camera I am keen to explore who we are, the way we live (our spaces), what we wear (our styles) and ultimately, the way we eat (our food).

On personal projects, I love to merge all that space + style, exploring the world – like on my Life Footprints and European Diaries series – celebrating or even criticising it – like on Those Seven Deadly Things – where, taking inspiration from the theological catalogue of the human weaknesses, I am enjoying in depicting my own "comedy on humankind”.

– Marco Joe Fazio



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Wrath Reloaded

Wrath Reloaded


from 'Those Seven Deadly Things' series

Marco Joe Fazio and his team show in this book one of the seven sets used to portray the human comedy. Their stylistic research is used as an interpretation register, which is not intended as restraint to experimentation… Quite the opposite, it is a challenge! Personal interpretation is often a perfidious terrain, a mermaid seducing the artist.
This book illustrates the whole production process from initial sketches, set construction and computer generated images to behind the scenes and set pictures, and including a foreword and testimonials by the team members. It is a deep and intriguing look inside an elaborate fashion/fine art photo shoot.

Every income from the sales of this book and eBook will
be donated to the humanitarian organisation Give a Future

Book on sale in prints and PDF at

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