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Profondo Rosa Teaser

From a collaboration with Mastered alumni and other talented professionals has born a new beauty & millinery shoot.

Inspired by old master's paintings and with the addition of more controversial ideas (warning, it contains some nudity!), we have played with distressed picture frames, an allusion to a famous Italian horror movie and beautiful creations by Nico Bosch Design.

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Marco Joe FazioComment
A very noisy day

On the last weekend, I have been invited by a good friend of mine to Brands Hatch Circuit in Kent.
From my perspective of car & technology admirer, although not an expert of motor racing, I have been fascinated by the many things one has to prepare and check, to put a formula 1 car on the track.

Here is my little photo story of a lovely and sunny day between noisy sports cars…

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Work with us!

Here at marco joe fazio // space + style – with our newly launched creative agency – we are expanding our services and our clientele in the hospitality and fashion industries.

As always, and more than ever, we are now opening new job opportunities for talented professionals, who are keen to join our team and collaborate on a constant and consistent basis.

With a new and promising fruitful season approaching, we are now selecting:


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