Roberto Silva: the Brazilian Way of Landscape Art

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Talking about landscape design and about Brazil, the mind goes immediately to Burle Marx, one of the major designers who left his signature on many of the last century’s modern gardens. And who better than a fellow countryman and colleague could transmit and develop Burle Marx’s legacy? Roberto Silva is a brilliant landscape architect, garden designer and writer, Brazilian by born but living and working in London for over ten years. With his emblematic way of modelling natural elements in abstract shapes, he shows his devotion and tribute to the great master. He is also a master in his own right, and author of the book “New Brazilian gardens, the legacy of Burle Marx” (published by Thames and Hudson in 2006).

To represent Roberto’s work here, we have chosen one of his emblematic realisations, the Foster garden, where the designer found a perfect match with his client, who gave him free reign to design the garden in a pure artistic way, where nature and abstractionism find a great symbiosis. The Foster garden shows the contrast of old and modern ideas like the traditional dry stone walls with the abstract and a modern layout. This is a dynamic design where art, colour, land art, plants, patterns, texture, leaves and shapes create dramatic moods that changes drastically through the seasons.

To the question about which fashion designer could be featured in this prize location, Roberto’s answer is definitely one: Alexander McQueen!”He is very irreverent and bold and those are the qualities I always have when designing a garden.” We can surely approve this opinion, since Roberto seems to have a poetical way in translating shapes and materials to ethereal and timeless sensations, exactly like what we could feel while watching any of the stunning collections by this great fashion designer.

The cross-contamination between genres and creative fields, like in McQueen’s work, is part of Roberto Silva cultural baggage, who always has been interested in correlation of ideas. Roberto thinks that a landscape and garden designer has a lot to learn from architects, fashion designers and artists in general. As well as philosophy theories and religions should talk to each others: Buddhists should learn from Christians, Hindus, atheist from believers and vice versa.

Silva Landscapes, established and based in London, is a company specialized in designing, developing and restoring gardens in residential, commercial and public areas. They believe that good planning at the outset minimises cost and time avoiding mistakes. Therefore, their aim is to ensure that their gardens are well planned and executed to the highest standards paying meticulous attention to detail. Being a small practice, they can be more focused, flexible and cost effective, offering to clients a hands-on approach and personal attention throughout the whole project.

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