Precious Sculptures

Recently I had pleasure to challenge my skills photographing a beautiful collection of jewellery by Antonella Tanzini.

Antonella's pieces are not only precious because the metals and stones she uses, but also and more because the art she masters in creating them.

Gold and bronze, silver and copper fusions combined with onyx, lava and gems are the letters of her lexicon, wisely sculpted in modern shapes with Etruscan reminiscence.

Usually I shoot product photography using a white tent - basically a translucent cube where lighting is evenly distributed. This time, to emphasise shapes and mood of Antonella’s jewels I decided to shoot on a simple black background using a beauty dish as main light and a strip softbox as fill to attenuate the shadows.

Antonella Tanzini  lives and works in Florence, in Italy where she completed her studies of Architecture and Psychology.

Antonella Tanzini, sculptress and jewel maker
Antonella Tanzini, sculptress and jewel maker

Recently she settled her main workshop and produces her works in  a small village in the middle  of the wonderful and peaceful nature of  Maremma, south of Tuscany, where she finds more inspiration and creativity.

Grandpa alabaster sculptor, the father a painter, she was educated and stimulated to art since she was a child. Her artistic process began as sculptress many years ago searching a way to express a possible convergence and harmony in different and opposing themes. Then she attended different courses of goldsmith’s art and she transposed the same search in her jewels as well.

The forms she creates represent continuing metamorphosis in a subtle and playful transformation of movement that is both sensual and ironic with a predilection for rounded interpenetrating volumes. Recently she concentrated her research on the variety of different  metals'  texture properties and features, but still looking for harmonic contrasts. Her well defined and identifiable style makes these jewels unique for originality and sophistication.