Fashion Photography + Art + Charity = Wrath Reloaded, the Book!


Dear readers, If you love photography and enjoy reading about art, we invite you all to check out our first book, just published on and available in prints, PDF and eBook version.

Please read the contents below and pay particular attention to the bottom line, where you will discover a good cause behind it.

Wrath Reloaded … or the fifth Deadly Thing

"The Seven Deadly Sins are able to reveal multiple nuances of human fascinations, a sort of primary colour chart useful to combine a rich chromatic palette.

Marco Fazio and his team show here one of the seven sets used to depict the human comedy. Their stylistic research is used as an interpretation register, which is not intended as restraint to experimentation… Quite the opposite, it is a challenge! Personal interpretation is often a perfidious terrain, a mermaid seducing the artist…

This book illustrates the whole production process from initial sketches, set construction and computer generated images to behind the scenes and set pictures, including foreword and testimonials by the team members. It is definitely a deep and intriguing look inside a complex fashion/fine art photo shoot.”

Every income from the sales of the book and eBook will be donated to the humanitarian organisation Give a Future.

To check out and order the book please use the following links:

Wrath Reloaded eBook (including Apple iPad format)

Wrath Reloaded 12"x12" fine art printed book (or PDF version)

Thank you!