Real v/s Hyper-Real secret No.4 revealed :: adding life

For the fourth and last weekly issue of the mjf’s “secrets” I am going to show you how a typical interiors photographic service could be transformed in something certainly more “animated”.

We have been lucky to get a commission of that kind by Well-done Medium Rare Architects, an innovative design and architecture practice in London.

The following are a couple of images taken on one of their recent projects, a refurbishment of a beautiful apartment in Covent Garden.

These interiors belong to a Grade II listed building, a former hospital opened on 29 June 1882 by Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany. It is singular to read that one of the requirements of the original design by J. M. Brydon was that the building should be planned to permit its possible future conversion into 'separate dwellings or chambers in flats'.

This is probably the main reason why this apartment today is preserving most of the features of the original spaces: big size rooms, high ceilings, face brick internal walls, tall casement windows. WMOR have been wise and careful to maintain and valorise all these qualities in their refurbishment design.

Coherent to that vision, the initial brief we have received from the clients was:

"We would like the photography to show off the scale of the property and explore the relationship between the original Victorian, hospital features and the modern bespoke elements. The photography should show a modern, fashionable, exciting lifestyle amidst the traditional setting of Covent Garden Market. There are possible ties between the stage connotations, linked to Covent Garden as the theatre district, and to the grand, open spaces in the apartment.”

Accordingly to this theme, we offered to our clients to enhance their design adding life and theatricality to the final pictures, which resulted then to be one of the finer example of our motto “…everyday is hyper-real & imaginary”.

We started our work brainstorm ideas, inspired by the real interiors, tailored bu WMOR to be the London residence of a notorious American music composer, until we created a story able to contain and develop all the messages stated above.

Working closely as a team - photographer, wardrobe/interior stylist, make-up/hair stylist, models and clients as well - we ideated a storyboard where the spaces and the furniture of these interiors perfectly matches a love story in late Fifties style.

The very same rooms shown above have been then depicted this way:

Don’t you think that the viewers get more interested and curious to know about the design and the designers of this project?

We also had chance to shoot a behind-the-scenes video, viewable together with other BTS contents on page When NY meets London BTS…


Compare again the two images in these animated sequences, which one do you prefer?


client :: Well-done Medium or Rare Architects

photography & production :: Marco Joe Fazio

behind the scene video :: Cristian Mantio, Gingerstudio

wardrobe stylist :: Upesh Mistry, Stylecreative

make-up artist / hair stylist :: Emily Johnson

assistant photographer :: Alex Curtis

models :: Grace Cruse, Michael Fairbanks


This chapter concludes our mini-series about mjf’s “Real v/s Hyper-real Secrets". If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to talk and ideate with you a new story and a new vision for your work.

Thank you for reading,