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The following is the article released today to the press, announcing the new born collaboration between Stéphanie Tumba, fashion and lifestyle stylist, and me. I hope you will find the news somehow interesting and beneficial for your business.



December the 8th, 2014

Stylist and Photographer Team of Stéphanie Tumba and Marco Joe Fazio have come together to Create a New Paradigm in Advertising Photography:

Space Style

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S+S PRI.HFI_140924_0415__PPsh_midQ

London, UK, 8th December 2014 – Habitat & Fashion Photographer, Marco Joe Fazio, and Fashion & Lifestyle Stylist, Stéphanie Tumba, are teaming up to present a new concept in décor and fashion photography,

Space Style

This concept incorporates the presence of a lifestyle façade with models in stunning couture clothing. Each image presents a powerful hybridisation of two typically diverse style of photography, habitat/hospitality and fashion photography. The team has created  a behind-the-scenes video displaying this dynamic:


“In most fashion photography, the setting is incidental. In most architecture/interiors photography, there are rarely people or they are intentionally washed out. With Space Style, the two elements, architecture and couture, are emphasising each other.

The combination of a gorgeous design and a stunning model can create a synergy that captivates the eye and inspires the imagination. Every space feels alive, while being elevated by fantastic settings and haute couture.” – Stéphanie Tumba, Fashion Stylist

The collaboration of Fazio and Tumba has led to a quiet revolution in the art of advertising photography. Using brilliant colour and composition, the images that the team creates have all of the complexity of a great work of art, while still offering the immediacy that is needed for advertising purposes. With the subtle touch of masters, they are able to bring into relief each aspect of the picture, throwing the spotlight on the features that a client needs.

“We are able to present your design in a totally new light, combining location, product and people for an enticing and theatrical vision, bespoke made to enhance the image of your business.” – Marco Joe Fazio, LBIPP Photographer

Marco Joe Fazio and Stéphanie Tumba each have years of experience in architecture, fashion, photography, advertising and marketing. With one eye on the art of the project and another on the advertising value, their creative & production team is able to deliver a level of imagery that is rarely accomplished by anyone, anywhere. With their new concept of Space Style, they are able to transform an ordinary photo shoot into a memorable series of images that tells the complete story of a clients’ company and products.


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