Twenty Years!

I have just realised that in 2015 it will be twenty [20] years since I started working in 1995.

Long time has gone since my study years at University of Florence and much water has flowed under the bridge, therefore it is quite difficult to remember everything with clarity. Nevertheless I am sure that every single fact has contributed to lead my life and my career to what I am today.

Therefore I shall send an humongous thank you to everybody I met during this (long) time and a wish to meet soon with the ones of you that I have never met (yet).

I am celebrating this [twenty-year] keystone with one-minute slideshow of [twenty of] my best pictures taken along the journey. Hope you will enjoy the view:

… and to share the celebration, I am offering to my wonderful and trusted returning clients a valuable twenty percent [20%] discount on my price list for the first twenty weeks of this new year… or better to say until end of May 2015.

Wish you all of you a wonderful 2015 rich of happiness and success!

Ad maiora,