God is in the Details

"God is in the Details"

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886 - 1969)

Mies has been one of the most exponential architects of the modern era – I would say the best one in my opinion – and he was used to quote the aphorism “God is in the details” to express the the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly.

During my photographic assignments on architecture and interiors, It happen often that my clients ask for the whole picture, showing their spaces as wide as possible.

Although it makes sense to frame a room with a super wide angle lens, I feel that close-up details are somehow more interesting, more close to the nature of things. They are able to reveal the craftsmanship of a joiner, the beauty of a fabric, the intricacy of a texture, still keeping some mystery about the whole space, yet to be discovered.

I have gathered in the following slideshow a small selection of close-up pictures from my recent photo services.

Have a look and enjoy trying to guess how the whole pieces would look like...


photo details by Marco Joe Fazio for

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