Into the White : Your Location… Enhanced

Sometime happens that my clients in the habitat industry ask for a little more than just to capture their spaces with my camera. In those situations I can work with my preferred stylist, Stéphanie Tumba, to enhance the rooms, arranging furniture and accessories with her expert eye.

Simple and efficient, this service is the ideal solution when the location already contains everything that’s needed.

Together, we can connect our clients’ business with their audiences through carefully crafted, original imagery that’s full of life.

One example of this service – named “Your Location… Enhanced” – is what Stéphanie and I did recently for a project by Mystic Kitchen on a private dwelling in Notting Hill, London.

Read what Stéphanie is saying about it:

In fact, it’s a bit of an advisory role to help clients achieve their development projects while assisting them to find their style and optimise the space.
Working on a big space is a challenging task as you have to find the appropriate props that fit the house. This is a genuine search of harmonies, colours and accessories, all in a very personal and creative way. From this, we have all the elements that fully correspond to the client and help them targeting their final customers in a more effective way.


bespoke joinery : Mystic Kitchen

photography : Marco Joe Fazio, LBIPP

interior styling : Stéphanie Tumba

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