I care of my clients!

Clients are the real essence of each business.

We all wouldn’t be able to make any business without them, although often I hear colleagues and other professionals constantly complaining and dumping on their clients.

On the opposite, I praise my valuable customers and I am feeling super good when someone who I have served already with my photography returns, asking for more services… that makes me very satisfied and gives me a good reason to go forward and do my job everyday at best.

I won’t ever get tired to thank all of you who trust my professionalism and appreciate my photography… and these are not just words!

Since in every business money matters, along with constant care and prompt response to any query, I like to translate my words of gratitude in something more tangible.

Do you know that there are ways to save money on my services?

With discounts from 5% to 20% on every service, I have set a fair and transparent reward scheme, which take in account values like positive feedback/testimonials, respect to payment deadlines, crediting, and other factors as well as successful client referrals and volume bookings.

As example, customers who earned 36 to 47 points thanks to previous works I have done for them get 10% discount on all their next bookings; customers with 48 to 60 points get 15% discount.

Are you my client? Please ask me what your actual score is and I will be happy to discuss how to increase it in very simple and straightforward steps.

Thank you!