Location for Fashion

Photo-compositing, chroma key, virtual reality and many other digital techniques are nowadays wonderful tools to manipulate images and to get a cow grazing on Mars...

However, nothing is comparable to the feeling of shooting on real locations, where the

spiritus loci

(latin for “spirit of the place”) is tangible and working not just as background.

It is proven that any environment is able to affect feelings, mood and behaviour. Hence, this factor can be certainly used to get the best performance from models and all the creative crew during a photo shoot on location.

Well aware of this potential, I have made of the shooting on location one of the strongest assets of my photography.

My team and I can make it happen in the smoothest and cost-effective way. We have already scouted many suitable places around UK, Europe and the rest of the World, exploring feasibility, logistics and everything is needed for a successful fashion shoot... and we continue to discover new and enthralling scenarios.

Gathering scenic outdoorsbeautiful interiors and fascinating decayed places, I am introducing you a new section of my website, completely dedicated to

location for fashion


While I am inviting you to keep checking it regularly - as new suggestive places will be added constantly – please don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about this service.

Thank you for reading and watching,