Iconic 80s :: Fast & Furious

Bold, Beautiful and Damned, as pictured by Tony Viramontes, the most influential fashion illustrator of that era, the woman of the 80s is the focal point of this editorial we recently shot.

Toughness vs/ femininity

is a recurring contrast, perfectly embodied in iconic figures as Demi Moore, Debbie Harry, Madonna, Tina Turner just to quote few of them.


Getting out from the 70s – the decade that taste allegedly forgot – in the 80s woman's fashion has to take back and reload its weapons, experimenting with shapes, colours and materials (i.e. plastic!) in a way that today could make someone smile.


Playing with my trusted fashion team, we pictured our own version of the 80's style capturing a woman – dramatic, insolent, strong, confident, nonchalant – and a car – turning heads, fast, iconic, no frills – which together could be described with two adjectives: 


Fast & Furious!



credits & acknowledgments

Photography :: Marco Joe Fazio

Art Director :: Strawberry Love

Make-Up & Hair Style and Modelling :: Stefania Paci


Ferrari F40 courtesy by John Reaks