Not Only Gorgeous Models!

Escaping from the stereotyped and somehow debatable usage of young and skinny models in the fashion industry, we had much more pleasure in shooting this series of “proud portraiture” of stonemasons at work.



Thanks to Stone Theatre and his creative director, Marcus Baron, we brought our photo studio, full lighting gear included, to their factory in London.



Getting the stonemasons to pose has been fun; someone confident, someone camera shy, all were in their familiar environment, therefore it has been easy to make them comfortable after few test shots… the only difficult task has been to stop them to brush off all the marble dust from their clothes and faces!



True, the work outfits were not immaculate, the chair was not a design piece and the workshop was certainly not a polished photo studio, but I think that these portraits have captured the dignity of the man and the talented craftsmanship.




photography // Marco Joe Fazio

creative direction // Marcus Baron

client // Stone Theatre, Simon Hunter MD