Ahhh... Locations!

dawn in Västmanland County, Sweden

dawn in Västmanland County, Sweden

A solitary fishing boat in a Scandinavian fjord,

a crowded alley in the souk of Marrakesh,

a magnificent marble staircase in a Roman palace.

I cannot avoid being mesmerised by the view of beautiful scenes like these and infinite more when travelling around the world.

And all of them are for me perfect scenarios for fashion and lifestyle photo shoots.

When working in editorial and advertising, location is never "just a place"... it is more what gives the mood, feeling and added value to the product we are paid to illustrate.

Nothing is easy when shooting on location.

Weather conditions first, then permits with local authorities, absence or distance from the usual commodities and many other factors make even the most straightforward concept a very complicated thing to organise.

Nonetheless, once the shoot is wrapped up and the pictures taken are safe in your hard drive (or film rolls if you are lucky to shoot "old way"), the satisfaction of what you have achieved together with your team is priceless!

Yes, sometimes budget and restrictions force you to shoot in a studio instead (or in its back lot if you need an outdoor), but you can still make treasure of your travel memories and "take a piece of that world inside the studio".

This is when objects become scenic props, handpainted backdrops render the flair of your mood, and the whole set recalls the atmosphere of that ideal geographic place you have in your mind.

This article is just an introduction to a series of editorials on our blog, dedicated to the value of locations – or significant props – when shooting for fashion and lifestyle.


Stay tuned to know more...