Profondo Rosa Teaser

From a collaboration with Mastered alumni and other talented professionals has born a new beauty & millinery shoot.

Inspired by old master's paintings and with the addition of more controversial ideas (warning, it contains some nudity!), we have played with distressed picture frames, an allusion to a famous Italian horror movie and beautiful creations by Nico Bosch Design.

While we are selecting the best images to edit, I am inviting you to whatch this little preview, including a concept sketch, our lighting diagram and a funny teaser slideshow.

[D] SK portrait 01.jpg

the initial sketch

[F] lighting diagram.jpg

lighting diagram


Profondo Rosa

credits & acknowledgements


millinery & production // Nico Bosch

photography, set design & casting // Marco Joe Fazio

hair // Donna Billing, Hairextrodonnaire

make-up // Renata Sangaleti

production assistant // Gemma Cannavò

assistant photographer // Marian Alonso


female models // Jillian Joy, Maria Sole Ingravallo

male models // Charlie Corbett, Dinu Filip, Leo Petrarca


special thanks to Mastered London and Mystic Wood

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