Our new frontier // hotels & restaurants

How many of you know exactly what we do… and what we could do to help your business?

On that purpose I have written this new ‘Summa Theologica', trying to give an answer to the recurring questions:

where do we come from?

what are we?

where are we going?

Enjoy the reading!


Settled in the UK since 2008, having started marco joe fazio // space + style in 2010 and licensed by British Institute of Professional Photography in 2012, Marco Joe Fazio is today leading his team with clear organisational methods, customer satisfaction and documented achievements, proven by client testimonials, work published in national and international press and a turnover increasing exponentially year by year.

Having achieved a stronghold in interior design co-ordinated image and photography, our new frontier is the hospitality market, offering our “space + style” services to professionals and companies operating in that industry.

We are targeting luxury/boutique hotels and fine dining restaurants, longing to achieve a thoughtful and refined brand identity. This is very much the way we like to produce our imagery.

With thousands of charming hotels and restaurants in the UK alone – and many more worldwide – we believe that this sector is expected to grow and flourish for many years to come... and alongside our business as well.

Fashion & beauty remain an important sectors to us, as working within this industry is essential in order to offer mesmerising and theatrical visions to our clients.