Work with us!

Here at marco joe fazio // space + style – with our newly launched creative agency – we are expanding our services and our clientele in the hospitality and fashion industries.

As always, and more than ever, we are now opening new job opportunities for talented professionals, who are keen to join our team and collaborate on a constant and consistent basis.

With a new and promising fruitful season approaching, we are now selecting:


Able to understand the creative economy – history, development, technology – our Art Director will be involved in mediating between the artistic and the business aspects, helping the company in realising and executing its visual communication strategies.

Relevant skills are:

  • project management
  • design thinking
  • problem-solving
  • budgeting / financing / marketing


Responsible and keen on research, scouting and photography to document location possibilities, the Location Manager is able to understand the concept of the shoot and translate a vision in actual and usable places.

Directly reporting to the Production Manager and the Director/Photographer, the Location Manager is responsible for final clearing (or guaranteeing permission to use) a site, including maintaining budget management regarding actual location/permit fees as well as labour costs to production.

Onset, the Location Manager oversees photography shoots, keeping them on schedule and making each member of the crew aware of what the shot is and how it affects them.

Relevant skills are:

  • knowledge of the region (mostly London and the Home Counties)
  • methodic organisation and communication
  • risk assessment
  • problem solving

We accept applications from graduating students to neo-graduated young talents as well. Then be bold and brave in sending us your curriculum vitae, portfolio and your own words, telling why you would like to work with us.

Ad maiora,