A very noisy day

On the last weekend, I have been invited by a good friend of mine to Brands Hatch Circuit in Kent.
From my perspective of car & technology admirer, although not an expert of motor racing, I have been fascinated by the many things one has to prepare and check, to put a formula 1 car on the track.

Here is my little photo story of a lovely and sunny day between noisy sports cars…

The first operation; getting all kit and car off the truck, then washing and polishing it… While kids watch.

Everything needs to be checked… and checked again. Someone use the latest computer technology...

… and someone goes on manual, while enjoying a bacon sandwich.

Fuel needs to be calculated and pumped in, the engine started, oil pressure needs to raise, while water temperature has to be kept low… It is all a rather sophisticated operation.

The track marshall comes… 10 minutes to the green light; time to wear the race suit and crash helmet!

Five minutes to go… Jump in the car, fit the steering wheel (which is rather a complex computer!), get wheeled out of the pit garage, start the engine and wait for the green light.

Now the cars are racing on the circuit, speeding up lap after lap, passing in front of us with a loud bang in a blink of an eye.

The lap of honour after the chequered flag and the cars come back to the pit lane, pushed inside the garages by their mechanics.

Time to celebrate the winner… Well, everybody is a winner, since this one was just a race demo and the real victory is to participate and share the joy of the moment with opponents and friends!

Thank you, John!