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How to get the best from your Habitat & Hospitality imagery

Habitat & Hospitality is a wide categorisation which includes many of the photo assignments I am usually appointed to do; it involves to work for architects, interior designers, furniture companies, construction companies as much as final commercial users, like fashion retailers, restaurants and hotels.

All of them have different needs and targets to achieve; therefore many are the solutions and the variations of this service, which are always tailored and bespoke to each and everyone.

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I care of my clients!

Clients are the real essence of each business.

We all wouldn’t be able to make any business without them, although often I hear colleagues and other professionals constantly complaining and dumping on their clients.

On the opposite, I praise my valuable customers and I am feeling super good when someone who I have served already with my photography returns, asking for more services… that makes me very satisfied and gives me a good reason to go forward and do my job everyday at best.

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Catalog shoot for entrepreneur :: how to art-direct your own

This article starts a series on my blog dedicated to client awareness, written with the intent to close the gap between photo professionals and their customers, often on very different way of thinking about the same job.

Frequently I am asked to work on imagery for catalogs, whether they are for printed publishing or web presentation.

Differently from advertising work – where we usually work with higher budget – the main concern of an entrepreneur who needs all his collection photographed is how to get all those shots quickly and within a reasonable expenditure… still achieving a good quality of course!

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