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Fashion Photography + Art + Charity = Wrath Reloaded, the Book!

This book illustrates the whole production process from initial sketches, set construction and computer generated images to behind the scenes and set pictures, including foreword and testimonials by the team members. It is definitely a deep and intriguing look inside a complex fashion/fine art photo shoot.

Every income from the sales of the book and eBook will be donated to the humanitarian organisation Give a Future.

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Carlotta Actis Barone AW 2013/14

Fashion can be inspired by art when it creates shapes, patterns and cuts as a dadaist painting on canvas. This is exactly how the Italian fashion designer Carlotta Actis Barone created her last collection for London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013/14, a collection dedicated to feminine art and inspired by the work of the Italian born artist Manuela Corti.

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