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Cotton Candy and the Lightness of Being

"Less is more"

The famous phrase by Robert Browning in his poem “Andrea del Sarto", then adopted by Mies van der Rohe and many others, has been once again the main inspiration for one of our projects.

When approached by Chiara Martinelli, jewellery designer, to revamp her brand and shoot for her new collection, Cotton Candy, we started to brainstorm together. As the brand is based in Brighton, the first inspirations were analogies with the world of the fun fair, the circus, and the dreamy Fellini-style seaside scenarios.

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Precious Sculptures

Recently I had pleasure to challenge my skills photographing a beautiful collection of jewellery by Antonella Tanzini.

Antonella's pieces are not only precious because the metals and stones she uses, but also and more because the art she masters in creating them.

Gold and bronze, silver and copper fusions combined with onyx, lava and gems are the letters of her lexicon, wisely sculpted in modern shapes with Etruscan reminiscence.

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