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Per Aspera ad Astra

Last season I had a severe injury to my right (leading) hand.

A shattered glass ripped four tendons and one nerve on my wrist, thumb and index finger.

Forcefully, I had to take some time off.

I spent it travelling for a couple of weeks around my dirty ol' Europe, rejoining with my family and – as I can't ever stay still – also managing to do some photo testing.

Testing is a way for every photographer at any level to try new things, whether they are collaborations with new people, new locations, equipment or styles.

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Work with us!

Here at marco joe fazio // space + style – with our newly launched creative agency – we are expanding our services and our clientele in the hospitality and fashion industries.

As always, and more than ever, we are now opening new job opportunities for talented professionals, who are keen to join our team and collaborate on a constant and consistent basis.

With a new and promising fruitful season approaching, we are now selecting:


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telling [fashion] stories

First time ever, this week I have given a talk to an audience of students in photography at Edinburgh College, Sighthill Campus.

Organised by the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Edinburgh College Photography Department, this opportunity allowed me to present my work, focused on fashion storytelling.

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Location for Fashion

Photo-compositing, chroma key, virtual reality and many other digital techniques are nowadays wonderful tools to manipulate images and to get a cow grazing on Mars...

However, nothing is comparable to the feeling of shooting on real locations, where the

spiritus loci

(latin for “spirit of the place”) is tangible and working not just as background.

It is proven that any environment is able to affect feelings, mood and behaviour. Hence, this factor can be certainly used to get the best performance from models and all the creative crew during a photo shoot on location.

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