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How to get the best from your Habitat & Hospitality imagery

Habitat & Hospitality is a wide categorisation which includes many of the photo assignments I am usually appointed to do; it involves to work for architects, interior designers, furniture companies, construction companies as much as final commercial users, like fashion retailers, restaurants and hotels.

All of them have different needs and targets to achieve; therefore many are the solutions and the variations of this service, which are always tailored and bespoke to each and everyone.

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Into the White : Your Location… Enhanced

Sometime happens that my clients in the habitat industry ask for a little more than just to capture their spaces with my camera. In those situations I can work with my preferred stylist, Stéphanie Tumba, to enhance the rooms, arranging furniture and accessories with her expert eye.

Simple and efficient, this service is the ideal solution when the location already contains everything that’s needed.

Together, we can connect our clients’ business with their audiences through carefully crafted, original imagery that’s full of life.

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How to choose an interior designer...

This week I am re-blogging an interesting article from Catwalk Schoolgates - fashion & lifestyle - by Anne Marie Gee, who is explaining how a wise choice of a good interior designer can save money on home refurbishment.

I am glad to read that the article is talking about a talented interior designer, Mia Karlsson, who I have successfully served with my photography. I totally agree with Anne Marie, well done again, Mia!

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Thank you Mia!

I have had the pleasure to hire Marco to photograph seven of my Interior Design Projects over the last three years.

I am due to engage him for further photo shoots later on this year.

I found Marco to be an absolute delight and inspiration to work with.

He is a true professional and have an exceptionally good eye for capturing the images and selecting the best vignettes.

– Mia Karlsson-Matthews

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Real v/s Hyper-Real secret No.4 revealed :: adding life

For the fourth and last weekly issue of the mjf’s “secrets” I am going to show you how a typical interiors photographic service could be transformed in something certainly more “animated”.

We have been lucky to get a commission of that kind by Well-done Medium Rare Architects, an innovative design and architecture practice in London.

The following are a couple of images taken on one of their recent projects, a refurbishment of a beautiful apartment in Covent Garden.

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