BTS video by Paul Sunich


BTS stills by Debora Palazzo
& Alfredo Ezquerra Sanchez


Scenic Work


credits & acknowledgements


photography & set design // Marco Joe Fazio

filmmaker // Patricia Vilani at Suspicious Behaviour

filmmaker // Paul Sunich at Tracer7Films

art director // Strawberry Love

fashion designer // Marianna Nardin at Blackmirror Design

make-up artist & hair stylist // Robyn Skinner

art consultant // Iggy Passenger

set design consultant // Claudia Parker

construction coordinator // Urim Mripa at DOT Bespoke

CGI designer // Marco Vacca

key scenic // Michal Mackiewicz

assistant photographer // Debora Palazzo

assistant photographer // Alfredo Ezquerra Sanchez

assistant photographer // Laurent Azemi

assistant videographer // Yhago Maia


model, arms & armour scholar // Bella White

model // Elena Miriam Tun

model // Champ Imi


location and set construction // courtesy of DOT Bespoke, London (UK)

oxidised finish for backdrop panel // courtesy of Metropolis by IVAS, San Mauro Pascoli (Italy)

catering // courtesy of Curled Leaf, West Hampstead, London (UK)


get enraged with our story of wrath...


watch a furious projection...


composite scene_bb.jpg

mood board


Preliminary Sketches & Lighting Diagrams


a typical sunny day in july…


credits & acknowledgements

photography & production management // Marco Joe Fazio

art director & wardrobe stylist // Strawberry Love

make-up artist & hair stylist // Stefania Paci

style consultant // Grace Cruse

art/history consultant // Iggy Passenger

psycho-consultant // Anne de Montarlot

graphic coordinator // Marco Vacca

1st assistant photographer // Debora Palazzo

assistant photographer // Oliver Spier

assistant photographer // Grace Hodges


model // Katerina Christo

model // Ivan Silva


lingerie & hosiery // courtesy of What Katie Did

menswear // courtesy of Dandylion Style


a special thanks to Gio’ Pagano and Palmarosa Fazio for their linguistic advices, Poppy van Praagh at SugarBabes Models representing Katerina Christo

indulge with our story of lust...

watch a prohibited projection...

main cover _square_wm -no title-.jpg

make-up & test shots


Set & Lighting studies



photography & production management // Marco Joe Fazio

art director & wardrobe stylist // I am Queenie

make-up artist & hair stylist // Anita Brulee

prosthetic artist // Gemma Dillon

models // Lauren Broadhead, Elia Misesti, Danish Wakeel


a special thanks to Marcio Morais for his graphic design contribution


enjoy our mythologic tale about vainglory...


preliminary sketches


BTS video by Natasha Barber


credits & acknowledgements

client // Prima Design Italiano

art director (client’s) // Daniele Bedini

photography & production management // Marco Joe Fazio

filmmaker // Natasha Barber

creative director // Strawberry Love

interiors & fashion stylist // Stéphanie Tumba

make-up artist & hair stylist // Stefania Paci

assistant photographer // Oliver Spier

catering manager // Silvano Bavia


model // Athena Sindou


clothing // courtesy of Xsenia-Runa

jewels // courtesy of Neola Design

BTS_Prima hoover mask.jpg

Props & Mood Board


BTS video by Cristian Mantio



client // Well-done Medium or Rare Architects

photography & production management // Marco Joe Fazio

behind the scene video // Cristian Mantio, Gingerstudio

wardrobe stylist // Upesh Mistry

make-up artist / hair stylist // Emily Johnson

assistant photographer // Alex Curtis


models // Grace Cruse, Michael Fairbanks


BTS video by Yasha Hindine



fashion designer // Carlotta Actis Barone

jewellery & accessories designer // Patrizia Berti at RiciclArt

fashion manager // Manuela Corti

fashion stylist // Ambra Carboni

wardrobe assistants // Ariadna Missdiva, Luam Wolday, Zhara Shubber

make-up artists // Yelena Konnova & Laura Moss

hair stylist // James Langan


photography & production management // Marco Joe Fazio

art director // Strawberry Love

1st assistant photographer // Debora Palazzo

tech assistant photographer // Alex Curtis

behind the scene video maker // Yasha Hindine

assistant videographer // Ryan McLoughlin


models // Adele, Ianthe and Zoe @ MOT model agency


shoot entirely on location in a dismissed factory in East London


marcojoefazio_20130621 look-book0357.jpg