Food & Drink


organic and biologic, decadent and scrumptious, traditional and genuine

the food we eat is who we are

therefore, honouring it with our photography is an act of well-being and happiness


Nectar of the Gods

True, photographing wine is not as good as drinking it!
Having the chance to focus on precious bottles makes us feel closer to the gods.

destination London

The Great Wen is always on the run. Never stopping, consistently hectic behind the curtain, the food industry excels in this city, offering incredible culinary experiences to the most navigated gourmand.


when food meets architecture

Today’s trend in photographing food is to show it messy… and we like it that way. However, some culinary preparations are pieces of art, geometrically assembled like a masterpiece. These compositions need to be captured as we were shooting for architecture.

marcojoefazio_YSU.BRA_20190625_0026_F_web 1.jpg


marcojoefazio_YSU.BRA_20190625_0068_F_web 1.jpg

macro food photography

There are many technicalities in lighting and photographing food. But the most fascinating thing is that we can get a very close look at the raw nature of ingredients and admire the painstaking work of many talented chefs.

marcojoefazio_TTX.TSL_20120722_116 (2)_F_web 1.jpg

Yeah-hoo! It’s a Celebration

Nothing better than food and drinks sets the mood for a wonderful celebration time!







the Fashion Alchemists

“When mixology meets fashion and acrobatic performance, our photography is truly squaring the circle.”

– Marco Joe Fazio, FBIPP photographer & designer