Enter the world of mythological tales and discover our story about


… or the seventh deadly thing


Narcissus, son of Liriope of Thespia, didn’t die – despite what Ovid's tale narrates – when he first saw his image reflected on the waters...

He suffered by a worst punishment instead: his reflection became real, a second Narcissus in flesh and blood…

… and both of them, fallen in love for the same woman – the nymph Echo – became rivals, fought and went rejected by her for the eternity...

No matter how many times and how many promises both were making to conquer Echo’s heart; the nymph, once desperately in love for him, gets the chance to take her revenge and to make fun of Narcissus vainglory, even miming his conceited behaviour...

At last, Echo decided to release the captured souls of the double Narcissus, opening the cages where they were hold, hostages of their own vainglory.

Narcissus disappeared forever, leaving at his place a little flame, symbol of his burning and eternal love.


credits & acknowledgements


photography & production manager // Marco Joe Fazio
art director & wardrobe stylist // I am Queenie
make-up artist & hair stylist// Anita Brulee
prosthetic artist // Gemma Dillon
model // Lauren Broadhead
model // Elia Misesti
model // Danish Wakeel
a special thanks to Marcio Morais for his graphic design (cover image)